Deaths Head Moth Goth Stationary Set (Complete Collection!)

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Introducing the gothic stationary collection of my dreams!

Intended for special occasions, ritual work, or just really cool correspondence, my first stationary collection revolves around the death's head moth, skulls, and cherry blossoms. The designs are meant to be a memento mori, while also symbolizing communication and a feel of whimsical opulence.

This listing is for a set of the entire collection! The stationary sheets measure 5.5"x8.5" and include matching 4.5"x5.75" envelopes, and are all hand printed with a custom charcoal grey with a super subtle gold fleck.

The cards measure 5"x7" and come either folded, or postcard style, and are hand printed as a two color with the charcoal grey, as well as a split screen with the brown and goldenrod. The sticker sheet is 5"x8" glossy, and has 9 main stickers, with a couple of extra baby stickers peppered in. I have them available in sets of 5 each of cards and sheets (& envelopes) and a sticker sheet, or a set of 10 each of cards and sheets (with envelopes) and two sticker sheets. (So sets would be 5/5/1 or 10/10/2)